Who has not ever heard the story of a foreigner being cheated when trying to buy a property in our country? Unfortunately, news of this type are too recurrent in the newspapers, and not necessarily related exclusively to customers in other countries; unfortunately even the locals fall from time to time in such misadventures that without serving as an excuse, would be easily avoidable using a minimum of required prudence for being familiar with the environment, being good to know someone who can advise us, as well as guessing with what people not to do business with.

But in the case of foreigners, things change radically. An investor in a strange place inexcusably needs professional advice when buying a property in Marbella or Costa del Sol for obvious reasons: ignorance of the language, legality, bureaucracy, etc. And if not, just imagine for a moment that as a Spanish person, you decide at your own risk to buy a plot in Thailand to build the house of your dreams. Surely, you would look for a good professional, if not the best, that leads him in such cumbersome task, not only because you are in a foreign country whose law, language and customs you ignore, but also because your nationality can be conditioned being off international treaties signed by Thailand.

This practical example gives us an idea of the inescapable need for all foreigners in our country, has the fact to be sufficiently supported at the perhaps most important operation of the rest of his life: buying a home in Marbella for retirement. Any movement that is not sponsored by true professionals in the field, can lead to an irreparable misfortune that can make a nearly dream become a nightmare that will accompany him while alive. There are resources that cannot be spared, and they are intended to achieve happiness.