Fiscal and Tax Law

Keeping up with the Tax Office is apart from being an obligation, a way of avoiding unpleasant surprises in form of fines and penalties for the unfulfilment of such obligations.

At Mesa & Green Lawyers, whether you are an individual or a legal entitie, we will fiscally assist you to optimize your tax obligations.

Income Taxes for Non Residents, Corporate Tax, International Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax, Value Added Tax and Stamp Duty… or anything else that is earned due to your interventions in Spain, will receive an adequate advice.

Lately it has been happening that in repeated ocassions the Tax Office sends out penalties and claims more money in addition to what you have paid already. Knowing how to act and present the correspondent appeals and claims is essential if you want to avoid the mentioned payment.

From Mesa & Green Lawyers we will work on that case and any other that you may be involved with.

Our goal is not at all to evade taxes, but to reduce the amount thereof to the minimum possible.