14Dec 2016

The last 26th of October Mesa & Green Lawyers attend to a seminar in Marbella named “How to facilitate the foreigners the process of buying properties in Spain” organized by Tinsa (Spain’s leading appraisal company), HolaBank (part of CaixaBank, specialising in banking services for foreigners in Spain), and the Observatorio Inmobiliaria trade magazine, in collaboration with […]

05Nov 2015

Recovery in the Real Estate Market – Investing in Marbella Content with optimism we have now started to hear words like “recovery”, “relaunch” or, from daring mouths, “economic boom” and to even “definitive consolidation of an economical high profile”. Always intertwined with the tourism sector, the real estate business is undoubtedly the engine of our […]

08Oct 2015

BUYING A PROPERTY IN MARBELLA AND ALONG THE COSTA DEL SOL Who has not ever heard the story of a foreigner being cheated when trying to buy a property in our country? Unfortunately, news of this type are too recurrent in the newspapers, and not necessarily related exclusively to customers in other countries; unfortunately even […]