Who are we?

Mesa & Green Lawyers was launched in year 2000, establishing its main branch in Marbella, in the heart of La Costa del Sol. Our team is formed by highly qualified professionals to give an efficient, competent and responsible service in any kind of matters in relation with the Law, both Spanish and International

La Costa del Sol is marked by a large number of people from around the world. With the knowledge of several languages we ​​provide legal advice both local and International.

  • We believe in the direct relationship Lawyer-Client, and we remain available 24 hours to meet with any kind of need or service that our clients may require.

  • We cover all legal areas. In the SERVICES section you will find a list of them.

  • If you need legal assistance about any matter, please do not hesitate contacting Mesa & Green Lawyers, as the first enquiry will be for free by courtesy of Mesa & Green Laywers.