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Every year for the last century, the number of people choosing Costa Del Sol as their holiday destination has been increasing substantially. The fact is that a good number of these visitors increasingly extend their period of stay and even many of them stay indefinitely and set themselves up in Marbella and its proximities.  Aware of this, in the early twenty-first century, Mesa & Green Lawyers was introduced in Marbella to give full legal service to the growing community of foreign residents in our city.

Reputable expert lawyers in Marbella in Spanish and International Law, covering all areas of the law to resolve any eventuality that often becomes complicated for people that are not from this country or that, for obvious reasons, prefer to delegate these procedures to real professionals that guarantee the best results. From the most mundane and simple steps in a penalty claim, or a simple tax settlement to a complicated family dispute or inheritance that will bring together legal systems of different countries, going through the simple and increasingly frequent act of buying a house in Spain, Mesa & Green Lawyers from Marbella specialized in immigration, solves any kind of situations thanks to the professionalism of a team working proficiently, managing a wide range of languages so that none of their customers feel the helplessness of not being understood in a rare country.

Aware of the importance in the immigration area and what it carries according to the law, Mesa & Green Lawyers in Marbella has been able to assimilate the unquestionable fact that the Costa Del Sol people come from every creed, culture, and social condition, which will not be an issue at the time to be advised because their professionalism and customer satisfaction are above any other circumstance.  We cover all legal areas. In the services section, you will find a list of them. 

If you need legal assistance about any matter, please do not hesitate to contact Mesa & Green Lawyers, as the first inquiry will be for free courtesy of Mesa & Green Lawyers.