Family and Inheritance Law

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Internationally focused, our firm specializes in family and inheritance procedures when appearing one or several foreign elements. A marriage between a German and a French person, married in Gibraltar and with residence in Spain decide to end their relationship. A British man dies in Spain with assets in several parts of the world. This gentleman, client of the office, dies being married in third nuptials with a lady from the Philippines with whom he had a son. From his second marriage with a Venezuelan lady, he left two sons, and from his first marriage, an English lady, he left another daughter.

These are cases that in the practice are very common and which question is this: which country’s law is applicable in each case? Choosing the right law is essential when advising clients in these or similar circumstances.

At Mesa & Green Lawyers we know how to do it, as we are experts in the latest International laws that define the applicable law in each case.

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