Administrative law

Administrative law





Administrative law is the body of law that is responsible for the regulation of public administration. It is who regulates the relations of public authorities, with respect to the population or managed ones.

Licenses, permits, concessions, fines, inspections… Our day is full of situations in which we have to be in touch directly with the Public Administration.

At Mesa & Green Lawyers, we will assist you in any kind of matter whether it is an administrative action or a counter argument, to prepare convenient applications, allegations, or appeal mediations.

Also, if you have suffered any kind of damage due to the malfunctioning of the Public Administration, Mesa & Green Lawyers will undertake the convenient claims to restore them for such actions.

Actions before the Traffic Office, car plate registrations, fines… are very useful services for our foreigner clients that have decided to establish their residence in Spain, Costa del Sol, Marbella…